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Pup in Wonderland

12 Apr
Vignette of Pup in the Style of Provincial English Artist George Morland et al.

Pup, Orienteering around Beaver Lake

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

22 Feb
Jeremy Bloom

After a night of partying at the USA House- I got to meet four-time Olympic gold medalist John Naber and Olympian/ESPN Broadcaster/Philanthropist Jeremy Bloom who founded the Jeremy Bloom Wish of a Lifetime Foundation for low income senior citizens- my honey and I decided to escape the Olympic fray and head out to Lighthouse Park.

A View of Bowen Island from Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park, located on the Straight of Georgia at the the mouth of Howe Sound, is an ancient forest full of virgin Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Red Cedar. An incredible energy pulses through this old growth forest that simply must be experienced. I always feel so tranquil here, breathing in the air and basking on the hot rocks that lead down to the water like sea lions. Only a half-hour from downtown Vancouver, Lighthouse Park is the perfect place for a romantic picnic as the sun sets over Vancouver Island or to come and meditate.

Pup, In Her Element

Alas, we could not stay away from the Olympics for long and returned home at dusk to make Bellinis and watch the hockey match. I must say, I wish Canada had won.

Happy Birthday Pup!

15 Feb
Pup, age 2
Vintage Pup


8 Jan

This is my Yorkie x Daschund, Bowie.

Her panoply of aliases include: Bow, Bo Jangles, Girly, Pup, Pupsi Cola, Poof, Poofy, Puff, and Puffington.

She loves: exploring, sunbathing on her back, bumping into friends, sporting a jaunty bandana, bounding, having her portrait done, and cherries.

She’s not so sure about: her tail, hissing swans, and swimming in the ocean- she’ll stick to fountains, thank you very much!

She’s the sweetest, most gentle-spirited pup that ever was!

Pup in Repose