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Herb Garden

18 Apr

A deathly fear of worms, coupled with a complete distaste for Crocs, has rendered me a rather ineffectual gardener. City dwelling isn’t exactly conducive to gardening- Vancouver may have just introduced a bylaw allowing residents to keep chickens, but I fear Pup would throw down if presented with an ornery feathered friend.

And so it’s unfortunate that most of the lots in downtown Vancouver masquerading as community gardens are actually temporary tax shelters for developers. Imagine the anguish of seeing your prized petunias succumb to the bulldozer.

Guerilla Gardening is more my scene- a clandestine operation under the cover of night and a jaunty black beret. Alas, Vancouver hardly requires more beautification. What does require some major primping is my balcony.

So my honey and I, henceforth known as Dr. Green Thumb and Ivy League, gardening alteregos designed to quell flashbacks of former failed attempts and the carcasses that attest to those, spent Saturday morning in Dundarave at the Maple Leaf Garden Centre, procuring supplies for our newly minted herb garden.

We are now the proud growers of sage, rosemary, mint (perfect for all those summertime mint juleps and mojitos!), thyme, oregano, tarragon, cilantro, chives, spring onions, fennel, parsley, and soon to be basil and lavender (Perfect for Lavender Lemonade!). Let the cooking commence!