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Sakura and Sake

7 Mar

Quiero hacer contigo
Lo que la primavera hace con los cerazos.

I want to do with you
What Spring does to the cherry trees.

Pablo Neruda

I distinctly remember weeping in the cinema while watching Il Postino, the Italian twist on Cyrano de Bergerac that turned me into a true romantic and adorer of Pablo Neruda at the tender age of nine. The arrival of the cherry blossoms always makes me think of that day in the cinema- the first time I felt the weight of something truly beautiful.

Today was a glorious day for our sakura viewing party! My honey and I welcomed Spring with Sake beneath the cherry blossoms at Stanley Park. I love Hakutsuru’s Sayuri (Little Lily) Sake! Just as its name suggests, Sayuri is a delicate, sweet Sake that pairs perfectly with a sakura viewing. I should mention that I have a real sweet spot for Nigori sake- there’s something so dreamlike about its ephemeral cloudiness!

The perfect end to a perfect day: watching the swans as the sun sets.