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Kitsilano Beach and Granville Island Market

12 Apr

Kitsilano Beach, Unmoored Boat that Washed Ashore after the Wind Storm

My honey and I spent the day around Kitsilano Beach, sadly sans Le Pup who’s out of commission with a sore paw. Bless! We suspect it’s the result of a perilous barrel roll maneuver she executed at the dog park- she’s such a superstar at the dog park!

Kits Beach

Forbes Traveler recently named Kits Beach the third sexiest beach in North America, after South Beach in Miami and Main Beach in The Hamptons! It’s really time to start putting those Tracy Anderson DVDs to good use!

View of Cypress Mountain from Granville Island

Or…if not more importantly, then more deliciously- time to put that Legal Sea Foods Cookbook to good use. So we headed to Granville Island Market (where we witnessed a meeting of no less than 6 Afghan hounds!) to pick up some fresh Pacific Snapper for dinner, and some fish and chips and lemon meringue pie for lunch! While doing little in the way of getting me bikini prime, it sure was delicious!