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7 Jan
Photo courtesy of jonrawlinson

Old habits die hard.

Goldman Sachs wrote the book on this old axiom and MIT’s top neuroscientists have uncovered the scientific basis for this Mick Jagger tune.

Wait, it doesn’t have to be this way! We’re all still distrustful of Wall Street and Academia in 2010.

I think I’ve found the secret to forgoing my erstwhile bad habits. It’s all about being presented with more attractive alternatives. Think Georgia May. Think Mighty Leaf Tea and the distant memory that is coffee.

So, this is my plan:

Lead the best life- a curated life- and be the best person- wife, sister, daughter, friend, blogger- I can be. Take time and have infinite compassion, appreciation, and patience as I discover what this entails.

In a moment, I will have accomplished my Susan Lucci of New Year’s resolutions- finally starting my blog. Look at me go! Not too unlike our new 88 Oldsmobile, a cough, a sputter, definitely a wheeze, and we’re off!

All the best for 2010!