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Mulled Wine

11 Jan

Mulled wine (Glühwein, Glögg, Navegado…) makes me think of Hans Brinker and German Christmas Markets, keeping warm beneath the snowy sky with hearty mugs of the piping hot good stuff. It’s the ultimate winter treat!

Mulled Wine Recipe:

  • Red Wine, 1 bottle (or box, whatever way you roll!) On that note, you can even add a dash of Brandy if you’re so inclined.
  • Sugar, 1/3-1 cup usually does the trick
  • Whole Cloves, generous helping
  • Cinamon, go nuts
  • Ginger, as you like it
  • Cinamon Sticks, 1 for every person partaking
  • Nutmeg
  • Orange slices, thin
  • Orange zest, if you’re feeling zesty

Warm the wine on the stove top, but don’t bring to a boil- you don’t want to risk all the alcohol boiling off!! Once the wine is piping hot, add all the spices! For best results cook on a low temperature, the longer the better. Don’t forget the hearty mugs!

Mulled Cider can be made from the same recipe, by warming apple juice with the spices and adding brandy or whiskey at the end.