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Vancouver 2010: A Week in Review

20 Feb
Photo courtesy of subactive_photo
The Olympic Torch

As Week 1 of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics comes to a close, I thought I’d share 10 things I’ve learned:

  • There’s nothing funner than watching Women’s Moguls at the gelateria with your honey and an Amaretto and Sweet Vermouth cocktail.
  • Pup is completely transfixed by the nightly pyrotechnics show. She better not start playing with matches.
  • Trying to get into a free Wilco concert can be likened to being trapped below decks when the Titanic is going down- can be, but probably shouldn’t.
  • George Clooney is as elusive as he is handsome.
  • Forget patriotism- the whole world was rooting for Shen and Zhao.
  • Colbert said it best- Canadians are chant whores.
  • The Americans are cleaning up and Canadians are none to pleased, though you’d never know.
  • Vancouver police humor themselves by doing the Hippie Hippie Stomp.
  • Nobody rocks an Olympic team uniform like an Eastern European.
  • There are distinct snickers among the media when there’s mention of Estonia.
  • I guess you can have a Winter Olympics without snow.

The Colbert Report in Vancouver

17 Feb

Stephen Colbert’s pearly whites and plasticine pompadour are even more perfect in person!

The political satirist and speed skating savior whose love affair with spandex has only just begun has been in Vancouver this past week, self professedly pandering to Canadians. My honey and I joined the polite mob of syrup suckers and ice-holes this morning at Creekside Park to watch him filming The Colbert Report.

Nation, I won’t give anything away, lest I be put on notice…except this: Canadians had the last laugh when Colbert revealed himself to be not too unlike his faux foe Bob Costas. Yes, they both rode the moose!

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

12 Feb

Let the games begin!

Vancouver 2010

10 Feb

My honey and I have been invited to attend an exclusive VIP Reception to celebrate Team USA at the USA House in Vancouver! I am so thrilled! Earmuff it, Canada- Go Team USA!