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de Santos & Si Señor, Puerto Vallarta

26 Mar

Puerto Vallarta has an amazing culinary scene.

I had the pleasure of eating at some amazing restaurants. I especially loved de Santos, located right off The Malecon and owned by Alex Gonzalez, drummer for the Mexican rock band Maná. If it sounds familiar to those stateside, Gonzalez recently opened another location in the West village on 10th Street. When we took our seats, we were presented with a complementary bottle of their house wine from Chile and a delicious shrimp appetizer. We could have dined on those alone, but who could resist their signature seafood paella, portobello mushroom explosion, and lobster ravioli? Not us!

I also really loved Si Señor…

…un tipico restaurante mexicano housed in the most exquisite building on the hills above The Malecon.

It was a perfect evening so we dined on the terrace over delicious food (I had the tacos de langosta)…


And Margaritas!

One of the owners, Lalo, joined us for a drink after our meal and I got to ask him about the restaurant and the dining scene in Puerto Vallarta. Here’s what I found out from Lalo:

Favorite Dish at Si Señor? Chilles Rellenos
Favorite Drink? Blended Margarita with Don Julio Tequila
Favorite Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta (besides your own, of course)? Cafe des Artistes (next door)
The Roosters?: We are not the first to ask! Surprised by interest, though nevertheless eager to please customers, they have been known to sell some of their signature metal roosters from storage. Sadly there are none left and I’ll have to find my souvenir elsewhere!


Puerto Vallarta

24 Mar

Looking Forward to in March

4 Mar
18 March: Puerto Vallarta

20 March: Spring

Puerto Vallarta

3 Feb

Bon Voyage! I’m off to Puerto Vallarta next month for a holiday with the girls- we go where the Patrón is, that’s just the way we roll!

Sweet relief! This Vancouver winter has me seriously jonesing for some sunshine!

I’ve been pouring over travel books and dusting off my Spanish, getting beyond excited! I would love some suggestions of places to go and things to do.

See you playa-side in 6 weeks, chicas!