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Mighty Leaf Tea

7 Jan

I love winter. I love winter skies- the sun, low and dull on the horizon behind vast expanses of soft, muted colors. I love ruddy cheeks and windswept hair and beachcombing in boots. I love Christmas and mulled wine and pfeffernüsse. For me, every season has a feeling- a taste, a smell, a sound.

These cold, dark days of January are no exception. They inspire trips to the ballet, midnight suppers of mussels and black cherries and scotch, novels by the fireplace and dreams of snowman armies.

… And Mighty Leaf Tea.

Mighty Leaf Tea saw its start when
husband-and-wife Gary Shinner and Jill Portman founded a teahouse on Filmore St. in San Francisco with the vision of infusing new life into an ancient tradition. (I just love stories of marriages that inspire so much creativity, growth, and partnership. Think Isabel and Ruben Toledo.)

Having spent years in Ireland, I feel like my word has some clout here. Mighty Leaf has a heady romance and magic that will transport you in an instant to the ancient Silk Road. Sourced from the finest organic ingredients and presented to you in wonderfully coquettish handcrafted, silken pouches that are reminiscent of something you’d see at Nina Ricci, Mighty Leaf is how tea was meant to be.

Mighty Leaf, welcome to my repertoire. You make January so much warmer!