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Deep Cove, British Columbia

15 Mar

It was the last hurrah of Winter. My honey and I set out to Deep Cove, a village full of ghosts with a heritage society that harbours a dark secret. That is, in our imaginations!

Located on the North Shore at the entrance of Indian Arm off Burrard Inlet, Deep Cove is the perfect kayaking spot and I can’t wait to return once the weather gets warmer!



15 Jan

There’s nothing like a dreary January day to inspire wanderlust.

I know Bruce Chatwin was right when he said that we, much like migratory birds, must have journeys mapped out in our central nervous system.

Here are 10 journeys that pulse through me:

Atacama Desert, Chile
Photo Courtesy of Obliot

Cuzco, Peru
Photo Courtesy of Quinet

Lhasa, Tibet
Photo Courtesy of Kattebelletje

Maasai Mara, Kenya
Photo Courtesy of eggshapedkath

Petra, Jordan
Photo Courtesy of Taras Kalapun
Reykjavik, Iceland
Photo Courtesy of geoftheref
San Blas Islands, Panama
Photo Courtesy of Mark Veraart

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia
Photo Courtesy of Antoine Hubert
Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia
Photo Courtesy of cyclamenrob

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Photo Courtesy of geoftheref