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Listening To: MGMT ‘Congratulations’

1 Apr

Me and all the cool girls in Proenza!

MGMT’s sophmore album Congratulations is a surprising yet natural departure from their singles saturated debut Oracular Spectacular. Epic and sprawling, Congratulations unfolds like classic Pink Floyd, the very best of experiential music (method at your discretion). Sit back, close your eyes, listen, and enjoy!

Listen to the whole album before it’s released at NPR Music.


Listening To: Broken Bells

1 Mar
James Mercer and Brian Burton are Broken Bells

The Shin‘s front man James Mercer and super-producer Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) have joined forces as Broken Bells. Broken Bells is touring as a band and their album will be released on March 9. Until then, you can listen to the entire album thanks to NPR Music.

Listening To: Smith Westerns

19 Feb

Chicago based band Smith Westerns could be summed up as David Bowie meets T. Rex. All the tracks off their new self titles album pay homage to their glam-rock, retro-pop influences, but the Smith Westerns aren’t all throwback. There’s something fresh and new about the lo-fi sound and earnest lyrics. I have a good feeling about the Smith Westerns, something similar to when I first heard MGMT a couple years ago. Mark my words, these guys are going to be big! This song, Girls in Love, is utterly infectious, and it’s totally my new spring jam.

The Smith Westerns will be playing at the Media Club here in Vancouver on March 7th. This is definitely a be there or be square situation!

Listening To: Radiohead Does Portishead

4 Feb

I love music- music of all types and times- but Radiohead is probably my favorite.

Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood cover Portishead’s The Rip, off their latest album Third.

Listening To: Tracy Chapman Rarities

2 Feb

Tracy Chapman got her start performing in Harvard Square. My mom used to watch her when we moved to Cambridge in the late 80s. Here are two beautiful rarities: